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Mom Life and Spinal Tension

“My body just feels less tense”.

Most newer clients say this phrase (or something like it) a couple weeks after starting chiropractic care. Stiffness is a symptom most people are living with and have no idea. Which makes sense…how do you “feel” stiffness? It’s oftentimes such a gradual process that it’s hard to notice your body becoming more and more tense.

I’ve noticed something though. Most of my patients feeling the most stiff…they’re moms. And as a mom myself, I get it. Momming takes a huge physical toll on the body.

First of all, you spent 9 months growing a human being. Your body went through DRASTIC change. You spent a few months hunched over a toilet “tossing your cookies”, gained a bunch of weight, had your center of gravity totally shift, went through LABOR (I don’t even have the time to get into it here…but you know) and suddenly dropped 10ish lbs (birth!).

Then the baby was here. You next spent hours upon hours in “nursing posture” (even if you exclusively bottle fed!) with your body hunched forward in a squishy couch. Let’s be honest…your body basically took the form of that couch for at least a month or two.

Eventually that kid started to learn to walk, so you held their chubby little hands and walked with them…miles?...while assuming the worst stooped posture imaginable. Then that baby grew into a 35 lb toddler who insisted upon being carried everywhere….on one hip (talk about unbalanced strain on the spine). Maybe you continued to nurse that toddler (more hunched posture). Maybe you bedshared with that toddler and they showed their appreciation by kicking you in the chest (or face?) all night long.

Momming is a physical feat. No wonder all my moms are so stiff and tense – even YEARS after the birth of their child. Thankfully, chiropractic is a fantastic way to unwind all that tension. By removing interference to the nervous system through gentle adjustments, the entire muscular system calms down. Aches and pains get better. Your body gets back to feeling…flexible…calm…relaxed…the way it’s supposed to.

I think all moms deserve high quality chiropractic care. Want to schedule a consultation to learn more?

Photo from Ellie Elien via unsplash


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