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Your 2019 Version is Good Enough for Me.

Photo by T. Rampersad on Unsplash

It’s nearly the New Year again and I’m looking back and assessing (as I’m sure many of you are) 2019. What went well? What didn’t go well? What did you change? What did you accomplish?

This time of self-reflection is valuable. It helps us think about what we truly want in life and make sure our goals are aligned with that greater purpose. But…for me (and I’m guessing a lot of you) it can quickly spin out of control. It can spin into dwelling moods of black and white “success” and “failure” – to think in terms of “when I just do XYZ then I’ll finally be happy/successful.” Or on my worst days - sheer panic – “what the heck am I doing with my life!?!” (Is anyone with me on this?!)

This is just a short little blog post to remind you to be gentle with yourself. To remind you that you’re worth more than your “successes” and “failures” - that they don’t define who you are. To remind you to live your life in the present because….this is it, folks. To appreciate your time on Earth with the other humans around you. You can’t just wait to start living until you “obtain/accomplish XYZ” – because this IS your life...right now.

So create those resolutions and think about how 2019 went. But also don’t forget to enjoy the holidays laughing your butt off with your crazy sisters, eating all that warm/fatty/nourishing food, reveling in the lights and music, and being truly present and authentic with whatever human is sitting in front of you. And know that you’re enough….here and now.


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