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Gonstead Technique

Good healthcare shouldn't be a guessing game. That's why Dr. Kelsey utilizes the Gonstead Technique. Gonstead is one of the most specific and effective chiropractic methods used today. Since the 1920’s, highly skilled chiropractors have been utilizing this technique to relieve nerve pressure throughout the spine. One of the biggest advantages of the Gonstead technique is in its thorough analysis of the spine. Gonstead chiropractors use five big tools when looking at your spine:

1. Visualization

                A Gonstead chiropractor begins by looking at the patient’s back for any evidence of swelling, skin discoloration, skin moisture changes, or temperature changes. Furthermore, the patient’s gait (or walk) will be assessed.

2. Static/Motion Palpation

                This involves feeling the back for evidence of misalignment. Particular segments are tested for movement restriction.

3. Thermography

                A handheld thermography tool is used to find any sharp changes in the skin temperature of the back. These are most likely areas where swelling exists and where nerve function is being affected.

4. Radiographs (X-rays)

                Standing, full spine films are taken to see exactly what is going on structurally and biomechanically. Furthermore, x-rays are of extreme importance in determining the exact misalignment and subsequent line of misalignment correction.

5. Symptoms

                A detailed history of your health, past and present, is taken and any symptoms you are experiencing are thoroughly discussed. These symptoms are important clues in figuring out the area of your spine which may be malfunctioning.

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