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Chiropractic care is so much more than back and neck pain. Dr. Kelsey has taken a special interest and done advanced training to support women's health from teenage years to postpartum and beyond.

Menstrual Cycle Support

By supporting your nervous system, chiropractic care may support an easier, healthier menstrual cycle. Teenagers and young women seeking regular monthly cycles with less pain are welcome here.


Pre-conception care

Your nervous system is the master communication system of your body. Pre-conception is a wonderful time to start supporting this system because you'll soon be growing another human! Much like starting a prenatal vitamin before getting pregnant, chiropractic can support your whole body to prepare it for the amazing journey of pregnancy.



The aches and pains of pregnancy are real. Not only are you carrying more weight, but your joints are more flexible at this time due to hormonal influences. Dr. Kelsey is certified in Webster Technique - a method of stabilizing the ligaments, muscles, and bones of the pelvis for a healthier pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 



Your body's been through such changes through pregnancy - and those changes aren't over just because baby is here! Chiropractic care is so important through this time of healing/recovery especially for the core and pelvic floor. Furthermore, the physical demands of a newborn require serious self care. You are welcome to bring Baby in with you!

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